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Beth Myriam of Ivory Coast


Beth Myriam, Ivory Coast Abidjan


Beth Myriam Cote d'Ivoire is located in Abidjan, the economic capital of Côte d'Ivoire. The population of Abidjan is now estimated at six millions.

Having started its activities in July 2009, it has been approved as True Life In God Beth Myriam in February 2010 with a hundred people to help. But by the grace of God, that number has quickly increased after five months. That is why, since July 2010, Beth Myriam Côte d'Ivoire offers food aid to two hundred persons including 150 men and women and 50 children.

Food aid distribution in the courtyard of the Beth Myriam ...
Peter, Nathan and Eusebius from the BM

These 200 people without any qualifications are for the greater part, people who leave too poor shantytowns in Abidjan to come and pick up daily works in an area where more than 2,000 houses are being built by real estate companies - such companies have their entire staff - whenever they end up building the walls of houses and put roofs, they still wait for their owners to be hand over the keys, before they put the doors and sanitary facilities. That is to prevent theft. Those people who come to seek work in this described area usually squat in those unfinished houses. These squatters live in pitiful sanitary conditions, sleep on bare ground or on cardboard, exposing themselves to various diseases, bites of snakes and other dangerous reptiles ... Some squatters have wives, children and parents and live in family ... other girls are single mothers.

The number of people is over 100, there are 200 in our new register ...
just because a lot of people invite themselves...
We are not closing the door on anyone ...

Beth Myriam Côte d'Ivoire has identified 200 of them and gives to each of them, every 10 days, a food kit consisting mainly of rice, oil, tins of sardines, soap, milk, sugar ... Clothes and shoes are provided to them every month if donations of clothing and shoes were made to the Beth Myriam.

Food packs distributions

Among the 10 volunteers of the Beth Myriam, there is a teacher (lady) who comes once a week to teach how to read and write to illiterate squatters (women, girls, men).

At the Beth Myriam, there's TLIG prayer meeting every Saturday and DVDs of Vassula (interviews, testimonies) or DVDs of TLIG (pilgrimages) are watched.

It is a joy that motivates us: that of knowing that even those who have invited themselves, they have every chance to listen to the "TRUE LIFE IN GOD" and the opportunity to pray a little too ...

Contact information

Address: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Responsible: Pierre Tiendjo Pagoué

Tel: +225 09140941

Email: ivoire.bethmyriam@yahoo.fr

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